If you are a musician/artist/producer/etc it’s one thing we all need in this industry. Support. A lot of people pursuing a career in this industry believes that “support is needed to get results,” when in actuality “results are needed to get support.” One thing you absolutely do not want to do, is attack or force a potential fan/consumer into supporting or buying your music/brand. Think about a pushy car salesman, who urges and persists you to take a plunge and get the car he wants you to get NOW. They are always avoided and even if you wanted to purchase a car afterwards, I doubt you would give your money to the same person who attempted to hassle you into a sell. When someone gives you their money it’s a huge indicator that they not only TRUST but see VALUE in what they are exchanging their money for (that the music is great!) and that takes a little time to build. Regardless, NEVER let the lack of support deter your mission! There’s a 3 step process to not only get support but to make money from your music/brand.

  • Firstly, when you are putting out great content (professional photography, videos, quality music ‘w/good mixes & production) people will become FOLLOWERS of your music/brand

  •   Secondly, once you are consistently giving people (i.e. followers) your great content they will become FANS, in which they will be anticipating whats coming next from your music/brand, which would consist of what you are already giving them (great visuals, photography, and most importantly good music!

  • Lastly, upon giving your audience consistent great music, visual content, photography, your “Fans” will become CONSUMERS. They will now have a great understanding of what to expect from your music/brand. They can now see that your content is giving them something they can only get from you, which is valuable enough to buy/consume! Imagine your music/brand as a exclusive drug that you can only make. If its great, and more importantly consistent, they’ll be back for more

Never sacrifice quality for quantity for. Remember, first it will feel like a sacrifice. Then it will feel like the grind. Then it will feel like life. Then it will feel like freedom. Thanks for tuning in!